Causes and Treatments of Nocturia - Jeannette Potts

(Length of Discussion 21 min)

Dr. Jeannette Potts converses about the causes and treatments of nocturia with Diane Newman.  Nocturia, the most common lower urinary tract symptom is a condition in which one must awaken during the night to urinate.  It affects approximately 70-75% of adults over the age of 40.  Dr. Potts reviews multiple symptoms causes by nocturne including chronic fatigue, depression, hypertension, hip fractures, and mortality. 

She explains in individuals who suffer from nocturia and decreased quality and quantity of sleep the normal 10% dip in blood pressure does not occur overnight like it does in non suffering individuals. This behavior influences the overall blood pressure and leads to hypertension.

She discussed nocturnal polyuria, in which 88% of patients suffering from nocturia have: a higher production of urine overnight, the overall cause in most patients whether they have urological conditions or not.

Dr. Jeannette Potts discusses her strategies and therapies for treating patients suffering from nocturia hoping to improve their overall health and quality of life. 


Jeannette M. Potts, M.D., Men’s Health GU Specialist CoFounder Vista Urology & Pelvic Pain Partners
Diane K. Newman, DNP, FAAN, BCB-PMD, is Research Investigator Senior and Adjunct Associate Professor of Urology in Surgery, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

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