Comparison of Dual Lumen Versus Single Lumen Flexible Ureteroscopes in Proximal Ureteral and Renal Stone Management - Rohit Bhatt

September 5, 2022

Rohit Bhatt presents results from this randomized study that compared single lumen versus dual lumen flexible ureteroscopy laser lithotripsy to determine which method would provide the most efficient and effective stone clearance.


Rohit Bhatt, BS, MS4, UCI Urology LIFT Fellow, Department of Urology, University of California, Irvine

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Rohit Bhatt: Dear viewers, in our study, 79 patients with renal and/or ureteral stones were randomized to either single lumen or dual lumen flexible ureteroscopy laser lithotripsy. We assessed linear and volume CT-based stone dimensions with regard to rates of stone clearance and stone-free status.

Despite a twofold greater stone volume in the dual lumen group, the dual lumen provided a four-minute shorter lithotripsy time and a faster stone clearance. Absolute CT-based fragment-free status was significantly higher with the dual lumen at 48% versus 26%. In conclusion, compared to a single lumen ureteroscope, the dual lumen ureteroscope provided a superior CT-based stone-free rate and a more efficient stone clearance. Thank you.

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