A single institution pre-/post-comparison after introduction of an external urinary collection device for female medical patients.

External urinary collection devices (EUCDs) may serve as an alternative to indwelling urinary catheters (IUCs) and decrease the rate of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). PureWick® is a novel female EUCD; however, no study has definitively proven benefit regarding reduction of CAUTIs.

We sought to compare the CAUTI rate and IUC days before and after availability of the PureWick® EUCD at a single institution. We provide a descriptive analysis of female medical patients receiving an EUCD.

A retrospective review of adult female patients admitted to a single institution on a medical service who received an IUC and/or an EUCD was performed. Patients who received an IUC in the 3 months before EUCD availability (PRE) were compared to patients who received an IUC and/or EUCD in the 12 months after (POST).

Out of 848 female patients, 292 received an EUCD in the POST cohort and overall, 656 received an IUC (259 (100%) PRE vs. 397 (67.4%) POST). Compared to the PRE cohort, the POST cohort had a higher number of IUC days (median, 3 vs 2 days, p = 0.001) and a higher rate of CAUTI (infections per 1000 catheter days, 9.3 vs 2.3, p = 0.001). The rate of UTI associated with EUCD use was 9.8 infections per 1000 device days.

While EUCDs might appear to be a promising alternative to IUCs for female patients, this single center pre-/post-analysis found that both the number of IUC days and the CAUTI rate increased after introduction of a female EUCD.

Journal of infection prevention. 2022 Mar 20 [Epub]

Nathan Jasperse, Oscar Hernandez-Dominguez, Jacob S Deyell, Janani P Prasad, Charlene Yuan, Meril Tomy, Catherine M Kuza, Areg Grigorian, Jeffry Nahmias

Department of Emergency Medicine, , Torrance, CA, USALos Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center., Department of Surgery, , Cleveland, OH, USACleveland Clinic., Department of Surgery, , Orange, CA, USAUC Irvine Healthcare., Department of Anesthesia, , Los Angeles, CA, USAUniversity of Southern California.