Urinary Incontinence

Content and Functionality Features of Voiding Diary Applications for Mobile Devices in Brazil: A Descriptive Analysis - Beyond the Abstract

Although the voiding diary has been extensively used in clinical practice and clinical trials,1 and has shown to be a valid and reliable tool to assess lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS),2 in real life the researchers of our group face some difficulty in using it with some patients. The voiding diary is an example of a tool that should preferably be filled out at the moment the events occur, thus reducing the risk of recall bias and the risk of forgetting to input information, which could mislead the evaluation of the patient and even diagnosis.

Barriers to urinary incontinence care seeking in white, black, and Latina women - Abstract

OBJECTIVE: We compared barriers to urinary incontinence (UI) healthcare seeking between white, black, and Latina women.