Regucalcin is an androgen-target gene in the rat prostate modulating cell-cycle and apoptotic pathways, "Beyond the Abstract," by Sílvia Socorro, PhD

BERKELEY, CA ( - Cancer development results from an imbalanced cell proliferation vs. apoptosis, which favours tumor cells and leads to uncontrolled growth. Regucalcin (RGN) is a calcium (Ca2+)-binding protein involved in the regulation of intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis, and its role in modulating cell survival and death pathways also has been suggested.

Recently, our research group demonstrated that human prostate cancer cases display diminished expression of RGN, which is correlated with the cellular differentiation of tumors. This highlighted for the importance of RGN in prostate pathophysiology, but its actions over the control of prostate cell growth remain to be elucidated. In this work, the role of RGN in modulating cell proliferation and apoptotic pathways in prostate was investigated. We demonstrated that an over expression of RGN leads to decreased cell proliferation and apoptosis in consequence of altered expression and activity of important regulators of those biological processes. On the other hand, it is widely recognized that androgens are crucial factors for development and progression of prostate cancer. The present paper also has showed that androgens down-regulate the expression of RGN in rat prostate, which suggests that the androgenic effects promoting prostate cell growth may be related with the reduction of RGN tissue levels.

Altogether, these findings established RGN as an important target in prostate pathophysiology through its relevant role in the control of prostate cell growth and, thus, in the prevention of tumorigenesis. Future work will establish whether RGN may be a useful prognostic biomarker in prostate cancer and if manipulation of RGN levels may represent a valuable strategy for treatment of oncological conditions of the prostate.

Written by:
Sílvia Socorro, PhD as part of Beyond the Abstract on This initiative offers a method of publishing for the professional urology community. Authors are given an opportunity to expand on the circumstances, limitations etc... of their research by referencing the published abstract.

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Endocrinology and Reproduction Subgroup
Health Sciences Research Centre (CICS-UBI)
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University of Beira Interior
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Regucalcin is an androgen-target gene in the rat prostate modulating cell-cycle and apoptotic pathways - Abstract

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