Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Webinar Series - Game Changing Observations to Men Considering Active Surveillance

The Answer Cancer Foundation (AnCan) along with UsTOO, Prostate Cancer International, and other leading prostate cancer organizations recently hosted the first in a series of four webinars on active surveillance (AS). Dr. Peter Carroll, the renowned UCSF surgical oncologist/urologist and one of the Godfathers of AS, gave a presentation on Active Surveillance & Beyond. Over 500 people registered with 330 attending live  - perhaps the largest patient-centric gathering ever on this topic.

Dr. Carroll offered game-changing observations to men considering AS referencing UCSF research that may make biopsies redundant in the not too distant future. He also predicted that focal treatments will become extremely important in the near future. You can hear the whole presentation, download his slides, and sign up for the remaining 3 webinars this year here. Assembled by medical journalist and AS flag bearer Howard Wolinsky, the presenters for coming webinars in this series will be Dr. Brian Helfand, Dr. Antonio Westphal, and Dr. Jonathan Epstein.

AnCan 2020 Top Rated Great NonProfit is the home of video chat virtual support. They host 25 free and drop-in, peer-led monthly groups including 9 for prostate cancer, and cover 11 different conditions. See more and sign up for the Active Surveillance Prostate Cancer video-chat virtual support group and/or others at

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