The global burden of urinary bladder cancer: an update.

Bladder cancer is among the top ten most common cancer types in the world, with approximately 550,000 new cases annually. The highest burden of bladder cancer is currently falling on most developed communities across the globe. But with an anticipated shift in world demographics with growing and aging populations mainly on the African continent, and important shifts in exposure to different risk factors across the world, this is likely to change over the next decades. In this review, we provide an overview of the current incidence, mortality, prevalence, survival, risk factors and costs of bladder cancer worldwide.

World journal of urology. 2019 Nov 01 [Epub ahead of print]

Anke Richters, Katja K H Aben, Lambertus A L M Kiemeney

Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation, Utrecht, The Netherlands., Radboud Institute for Health Sciences, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. .