Urology Experts Publish Guidelines for Best Use of BLC with Cysview® in the Surveillance of Bladder Cancer

San Francisco, CA USA (UroToday.com) -- Photocure ASA announced an Expert Consensus on the optimal use of Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC™) with Cysview® in Nature Reviews Urology.

An expert panel published their consensus opinion regarding when and how to use Cysview, to detect bladder cancer using a flexible cystoscope: Nature Reviews Consensus

The expert panel of Urologists discussed key factors that must be considered to use BLC with Cysview in everyday practice after an extensive review of literature, their key conclusions were:

A strong recommendation for:
  • the first follow-up cystoscopy at 3 months after TURBT for intermediate and high-risk patients
  • at the 3 and 6 months surveillance cystoscopy, and then every 6 months for high risk patients in the first two years
Most recommended:
  • prior to intravesical therapy if there is concern for residual disease after TURBT
  • use at time of office fulguration and/or biopsy for low grade tumors
In addition, it was concluded that BLC with Cysview may have a role in evaluating patients with a positive cytology or equivocal lesions on WLC.

“BLC with Cysview has been included in the AUA/SUO guidelines since 2016 and has strong data supporting its use to improve detection of cancer over white light cystoscopy. The 2019 Nature publication provides a road map for when to use BLC with Cysview during office cystoscopy as well as how to integrate it into clinical practice.  The University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) was the first hospital in the United States to integrate Cysview into the clinic setting for surveillance cystoscopy as well as for TURBT in the operating room.  By using BLC with Cysview for patients in surveillance patient outcomes should improve and provide benefits to patients and those managing Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC),” says Dr. Yair Lotan M.D., Professor of Urology Helen J. and Robert S, Strauss Professorship in Urology, UTSW and the lead author on the Consensus paper.
“The expanded US label for BLC with Cysview being supported by practical recommendations for use means that more patients will have access to better management of their disease. This is an important step towards our vision of driving change in bladder cancer management,” commented Dan Schneider, President and Chief Executive Officer of Photocure ASA.

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