Positive Reimbursement Picture for Cysview® (hexaminolevulinate HCl) is Helping Drive Use in 2019

More and more bladder cancer patients are gaining access to Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC™) with Cysview for detection and surveillance. This growing trend is because of increasing awareness and availability of this cutting-edge drug-device procedure, plus an improved reimbursement picture in 2019.

Both private payers and Medicare reimburse for the cystoscopy procedure and the optical imaging agent that makes non-muscle invasive bladder cancer glow bright pink under blue light.

For detailed information about Cysview reimbursement, download the 2019 Commercial Payer and Medicare Reimbursement Guides.

Here is a summary overview of what you can expect.

In the Hospital Inpatient Setting (OR)

  • Add in Code A9589 for Cysview and the cost.
  • Medicare pays a lump sum per admission.
  • Many private payers use DRGs.
  • Other private payers pay per-diems, case rates, or percent of charges.
  • On average, private payers reimburse at 150%-175% of Medicare rates for inpatient services.1
Positive reimbursement picture for Cysview outpatient

For Hospital Outpatient Procedures

  • Medicare
    • Add in C9738 for Blue Light Cystoscopy adjustment code.
    • ALSO add in A9589 for Cysview.
    • Medicare pays a single rate according to Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs). 
  • Private Payers:
    • Add in A9589 for Cysview.  
    • There are specific codes specifically for the BLC procedure that result in incremental reimbursement.
    • Private payers use a variety of mechanisms to pay for outpatient costs. 
    • On average, private payers reimburse up to 150% of Medicare rates for outpatient services.1

For Ambulatory Surgical Centers

  • Medicare
    • Add in A9589 for Cysview
    • Medicare pays based on a percentage of the associated hospital’s outpatient APC rate. 
  • Private Payers
    • Add in A9589 for Cysview
    • Private payers tend to pay separately for Cysview. 

In Office/Clinic Setting

  • Medicare
    • Add in A9589 for Cysview.
    • Medicare uses an office-based (aka Non-Facility Based) differential for some procedure codes that are designed to compensate for the higher practice expense of office-based services. 
  • Private Payers
    • Add in A9589 for Cysview.
    • On average, private payers reimburse at 100%-150% of Medicare rates for physician specialist services.2

For more information about Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview, visit Cysview.com or call 1-855-CYSVIEW.


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