The long term predictive value of preoperative pressure flow studies in the resolution of overactive bladder after insertion of a retropubic midurethral sling

To identify if the short term association of pressure flow rates with resolution of overactive bladder (OAB) is maintained in the long term in patients with mixed urodynamic incontinence treated with a retropubic midurethral sling. To assess if other demographic factors are associated with the long term resolution of OAB.

This was follow up study of a consecutive case series of 100 patients treated with a MUS at a single center followed up with questionnaires. Preoperative pressure flow studies were compared to the resolution of urgency and urgency incontinence after surgery.

A total of 6.25 years after surgery, resolution of urgency and urgency incontinence was associated with a higher preoperative flow rate (26.7 mL/s vs 19.1 mL/s P = 0.02) and a higher flow rate centile (33.1 vs 14.0 P = 0.01). No other demographic parameters were associated with resolution of OAB.

The long term outcome and resolution of urgency and urgency incontinence can be predicted by preoperative pressure flow studies over 6 years after surgery.

Neurourology and urodynamics. 2017 Feb 21 [Epub ahead of print]

Jonathan Duckett, Aswini Balachandran

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medway Maritime Hospital, Gillingham, Kent, UK.