Urodynamics: Examining the current role of UDS testing. What is the role of urodynamic testing in light of recent AUA Urodynamics and Overactive Bladder Guidelines and the VALUE study? - Abstract

Urodynamics testing is a diagnostic assessment of the lower urinary tract system composed of multiple tests to obtain physiologic data regarding lower urinary tract function (detrusor and outlet) during storage and emptying.

The necessity of urodynamics has been both supported and challenged in various urologic conditions such as urinary incontinence, neurogenic bladder, lower urinary tract symptoms, and bladder outlet obstruction. This review discusses the most recent studies with regards to the utility of urodynamics in current practice, highlighting the recent American Urologic Association Adult Urodynamics and Overactive Bladder Guidelines and the Value of Urodynamic Evaluation study.

Written by:
Brown ET, Krlin RM, Winters JC.   Are you the author?
Louisiana State University and Ochsner Clinic Foundation Urology Resident, 1542 Tulane Ave, Suite 547, New Orleans, LA, 70112, USA.

Reference: Curr Urol Rep. 2013 Aug 2. Epub ahead of print.
doi: 10.1007/s11934-013-0361-6

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PMID: 23904217

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