Sacral nerve stimulation for urinary dysfunction: The first year of the Scottish national service - Abstract

Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) has become an established treatment option for patients with intractable detrusor overactivity and non-obstructive urinary retention.

The Scottish Sacral Nerve Stimulation service was established in April 2010 to provide a service for the population of Scotland. We report our experience from the first year of this new national service. All patients referred for SNS from the inception of the service in April 2010 until the end of March 2011 were studied. During the one-year period, there were 50 referrals. Thirty-three percutaneous nerve evaluations, eight tined lead tests and 16 permanent implantation procedures were performed during this period. Morbidity was low and both incontinence and quality-of-life questionnaires demonstrated statistically significant improvements (International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire [ICIQ-SF], P = 0.005; Incontinence Impact Questionnaire [IIQ 7], P = 0.0007; Urogenital Distress Inventory [UDI 6], P = 0.0002). Referral pattern was skewed towards the west of Scotland with some health boards producing no referrals during the year. Results from the first year of the service have shown that it is a safe and efficient procedure with significant improvement in incontinence, voluntary voiding and quality-of-life parameters. The limitation of funding for permanent implants inevitably impacts on the role of the technique as a management option in these patients.

Written by:
Hilmy M, Tatarov O, McQueen L, Small D, Granitsiotis P, Conn IG.   Are you the author?
Department of Urology, New Victoria Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Reference: Scott Med J. 2012 Nov;57(4):200-3.
doi: 10.1258/smj.2012.012117

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PMID: 23138579 Overactive Bladder (OAB) Section