Functional Polymorphism in the ADRB3 Gene, Encoding the Beta-3 Adrenergic Receptor, and Response to Intra-Detrusor Injection of Botulinum Toxin-A in Women with Overactive Bladder.

There are reports suggesting an association between the rs4994 polymorphism in the ADRB3 gene encoding the beta-3 adrenergic receptor and OAB risk in females. The injection of botulinum toxin-A into the bladder wall is recommended as a possible treatment for OAB patients in whom first-line therapies have failed. The aim of our study was to analyze the possible association between the ADRB3:rs4994 polymorphism and the patient-perceived response to a single intra-detrusor injection of botulinum toxin-A in Polish women with overactive bladder.

The study group consisted of 115 consecutive female patients with OAB. The response to botulinum toxin-A was evaluated at three months after injection, as absolute or relative reductions in OAB symptoms or in scores from questionnaires ICIQ-OAB (parts A and B) and ICIQ-LUTS-QoL (parts A and B). ADRB3:rs4994 variants were identified by the sequencing of genomic DNA extracted from buccal swabs.

There were no statistically significant differences between ADRB3:rs4994 [T];[T] homozygotes and [T];[C]+[C];[C] subjects for absolute or relative reductions in symptoms or in scores from all four questionnaire parts at three months after the injection of botulinum toxin-A.

Our results do not support the hypothesis that ADRB3:rs4994 polymorphism is associated with the response to the intra-detrusor injection of botulinum toxin-A in Polish females with overactive bladder.

Journal of clinical medicine. 2022 Dec 17*** epublish ***

Sylwester Michał Ciećwież, Klaudyna Lewandowska, Agnieszka Boroń, Jacek Brodowski, Jacek Kociszewski, Jeremy Simon Clark, Andrzej Ciechanowicz

Department of Gynecology, Endocrinology and Gynecological Oncology, Pomeranian Medical University, 71-252 Szczecin, Poland., Department of Clinical and Molecular Biochemistry, Pomeranian Medical University, 70-111 Szczecin, Poland., Department of Primary Health Care, Pomeranian Medical University, 70-204 Szczecin, Poland., Department of Gynecology, Evangelisches Krankenhaus Hagen, 58135 Hagen, Germany.

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