Sacral neuromodulation in patients with refractory overactive bladder symptoms after failed Botulinum toxin therapy: Results in a large cohort of patients.

Sacral neuromodulation (SNM) and Botulinum toxin A (BoNT-A) injections are well-known third-line treatment options in patients with refractory overactive bladder (OAB). Our aim is to evaluate the success rate of SNM in patients who received prior therapy with BoNT-A injections.

All patients with OAB symptoms referred for SNM between 2006 and 2019 were included. History taking and 3-day voiding diaries assessed the complaints and suitability for SNM. The success rate of SNM in patients who received prior BoNT-A was compared with BoNT-A naive patients. Success was defined as an improvement of 50% or greater in voiding diary parameters. Satisfaction was registered at their most recent visit.

A total of 263 patients underwent SNM test stimulation, of which 75 (16 male/57 female) received prior BoNT-A and 188 (46 male/142 female) were BoNT-A naive. Success rate for SNM in BoNT-A naive patients was 72.9% and in BoNT-A patients 66.7% (p = 0.316). Success rate after ≤2 BoNT-A injections was 68.5%, compared to 61.1% after ≥3 injections (p >  0.05). Success rate in patients perceiving lack of efficacy of BoNT-A was 67.4% (p > 0.05), subjected to temporary CISC was 73.7% (p > 0.05) and with temporary effect of BoNT-A was 50% (p > 0.05). In 86% of BoNT-A patients the system was still activated and used to their satisfaction at their last follow-up visit (mean FU, 40.70 months).

SNM in patients with refractory OAB who failed prior BoNT-A is an excellent approach. The number of injections nor reason of BoNT-A discontinuation have predictive value for success with SNM.

Neurourology and urodynamics. 2021 Apr 08 [Epub ahead of print]

Mathias Reekmans, Janine M W Janssen, Desiree M J Vrijens, Martijn A C Smits, Gommert A van Koeveringe, Philip E V A Van Kerrebroeck

Department of Urology, Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+), Maastricht, The Netherlands., Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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