Overactive bladder medication: Persistence, drug switching, and reinitiation.

To assess real-world treatment profiles, including the time to and reasons for discontinuation or drug switching, treatment reinitiation, and postdiscontinuation follow-up in patients receiving antimuscarinics or ß3-agonists for overactive bladder (OAB) through a retrospective chart review.

We retrospectively reviewed medical charts of 777 patients, aged ≥18 years, who underwent antimuscarinic or ß3-agonist therapy at our hospital. Data on patient's age, sex, chief complaint, and OAB symptom score at therapy initiation were collected. Treatment persistence was assessed with respect to the median time to discontinuation and the persistence rate at 12 months.

Older patients, male patients, and those with more severe urgency symptoms were more likely to show treatment persistence with OAB medications. Treatment persistence with mirabegron was significantly longer than that with antimuscarinics when administered as either the first- or second-line medication. Multivariate analyses showed that urgency severity and use of mirabegron were independently associated with better persistence (p = .026 and p = .018, respectively). Out of 583 patients who discontinued medication, 344 continued with the visit schedule, and the reinitiation rate of the OAB medication was 19% at a median follow-up of 24 months.

Although the persistence rates for OAB medications improved with the introduction of mirabegron, most patients still discontinued the medication therapy within 1 year. The treatment strategies for patients with mild symptoms and those who are resistant to medication can still be improved. Tailored individualized treatments that avoid excessive reliance on pharmacotherapy would be key to further improve treatment outcomes in OAB patients.

Neurourology and urodynamics. 2020 Sep 28 [Epub]

Takeshi Soda, Yu Tashiro, Shuhei Koike, Ryosuke Ikeuchi, Takuya Okada

Department of Urology, Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute, Kitano Hospital, Osaka, Japan.

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