Combination Pharmacotherapy for Treatment of Overactive Bladder (OAB).

Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) negatively affects the quality of life of patients and their interactions with society. Treatment of OAB starts with behavioral modification and then pharmacotherapy using monotherapy with either antimuscarinics or β3 agonists. The third-line more invasive approaches are the next treatment option currently recommended. Both antimuscarinic agents and β3 agonists work through a different molecular pathway. This brings up the potential of having an additive effect when using a combination treatment for patients with OAB. Currently, the potential for using combination therapy to treat OAB in patients who had no improvement with a monotherapy approach before we attempt a more invasive approach is being explored. Several studies have shown the benefits of combination therapy which will be an additional option to the tools to treat OAB.

Current urology reports. 2019 May 16*** epublish ***

Ahmed El-Zawahry

The University of Toledo, 3000 Arlington Ave, Toledo, OH, 43614, USA. .