Male Pelvic Pain: Beyond Urology and Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic pelvic pain in men has often been misdiagnosed as prostatitis. After excluding serious or acute urological, neurological or colorectal conditions, it is essential to approach these patients with a much more comprehensive criteria.

Thoughtful interview and methodical physical examination can very often reveal pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, Myofascial pain syndromes, Functional Somatic Syndrome/Central Sensitization Syndromes and/or psychosocial distress. One must be aware that many of these syndromes frequently overlap. Acknowledgement of these conditions and validation of both their physical and psychological distress is paramount to creating trust and confidence in the patient. These are the cornerstones for empowerment and self-care required in the management of chronic pelvic pain.

Current rheumatology reviews. 2015 Dec 30 [Epub ahead of print]

Jeannette M Potts

Co-founder, Vista Urology & Pelvic Pain Partners 2998 South Bascom Avenue Suite 100 San Jose, CA 94125.