Postoperative drug-induced priapism

We presented a case of a postoperative patient with low-flow priapism, possibly initiated by propofol-based anaesthesia or epidural anaesthesia. The delay in diagnosing priapism resulted in emergency interventions with a partially successful effect and eventually permanent erectile dysfunction. Due to the delay in treatment, erectile dysfunction ensued and was manageable with medication; hence, the patient decided against a penile prosthesis.

BMJ case reports. 2017 May 31*** epublish ***

Bartholomeus J G A Corten, Frits Aarts, Ansgar S Harms, Jeroen Vogelaar

Department of Surgery, Tweesteden Ziekenhuis, Tilburg, The Netherlands., Department of Surgery, VieCuri Medisch Centrum, Venlo, The Netherlands., Department of Anesthesiology, VieCuri Medisch Centrum, Venlo, The Netherlands.