The Combined Use of Stem Cells and Platelet Lysate Plasma for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: A Pilot Study-6 Months Results.

Background: The current treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is mainly based on the use of drugs that provide erections shortly after use but they do not really treat the problem. Stem cell therapy is a novel treatment with regenerative properties that can possibly treat erectile dysfunction. Methods: Five patients with erectile disease were treated with Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) and Platelet Lysate Plasma (PLP). ADSCs were obtained through abdominal liposuction and PLP was prepared after obtaining blood samples from peripheral veins. Erectile function was evaluated with the International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire (IIEF-5) questionnaire, penile triplex at the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th month post-treatment. A CT scan of the head, thorax and abdomen was done before treatment and at the 12th month. Results: IIEF-5 scores were improved in all patients at the 6th month although not in the same pattern in all patients. Peak Systolic Velocity (PSV) also improved at the 6th month in all patients but also with different patterns in each patient, while End Diastolic Velocity (EDV) was more variable. Two patients decreased the treatment they used in order to obtain erection (from Intracavernosal injections (ICI) they used PDE-5Is), two had unassisted erections and one had an initial improvement which decreased at the 6th month. There were no side effects noted. Conclusions: Stem cell therapy in combination with PLP appears to show some improvement in erectile function and has minimal side effects in the short term.

Medicines (Basel, Switzerland). 2020 Mar 18*** epublish ***

Vassilis Protogerou, Sara El Beshari, Efstathios Michalopoulos, Panagiotis Mallis, Dimosthenis Chrysikos, Alexandros A Samolis, Catherine Stavropoulos-Giokas, Theodoros Troupis

Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, M. Asias 21 st, 12462 Athens, Greece., Health Plus Genomics Laboratory, Part of Health Plus Network of Specialty Centers, 11th St, Hazaa bin Zayed St, Al Karama Area - Abu Dhabi, UAE., Hellenic Cord Blood Bank, Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens, 4 Soranou Ephessiou Street, 11527 Athens, Greece.