Erectile dysfunction after urethroplasty.

The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of urethroplasty on sexual function.

We analyzed 75 operations: 41 anastomotic, 13 labial graft, 6 thigh skin mesh graft, and 15 penile skin flap urethroplasties. The severity of erectile dysfunction was assessed in the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF5) questionnaire, preoperatively and at least 3 months after the surgery. The appearance of possible penile deformities was also evaluated postoperatively.

The etiology and location of the stricture had no impact on the erectile dysfunction in men with untreated urethral stricture. The difference in mean IIEF5 score before and after the first urethroplasty was not statistically significant (12.58 ±9.01 and 10.88 ±9.28; t(42) = 1.25, p = 0.220). The length of the stricture had no impact on the preoperative and postoperative IIEF5 score. Stricture in penile urethra caused a risk of postoperative penile curvature (p = 0.023).

Patients with urethral stricture have a higher rate of erectile dysfunction than healthy men. Proper therapy should not negatively affect erectile function in a significant way, regardless of the length or location of the stricture, though it may have some influence on the penile anatomy.

Central European journal of urology. 2019 Dec 27 [Epub]

Adam Kałużny, Jakub Krukowski, Marcin Matuszewski

Medical University of Gdańsk, University Clinical Centre, Department of Urology, Gdańsk, Poland.

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