[Use of tadalafil in the rehabilitation of patients with a history of posterior urethral injury in the context of pelvic fracture]

To evaluate the tadalafil effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as a consequence of posterior urethral injury.

This is a retrospective study that included patients with posterior urethral injury caused by previous pelvic fracture; our patients received emergency urethral alignment and urethroplasty between 8 to 10weeks after trauma. To assess the degree of erectile dysfunction pre- and post-treatment, we applied the questionnaire of International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5). Statistics Wilcoxon test and descriptive statistics were performed.

Eight patients were included in this study, with an average age of 32.5years; the IIEF scale prior to treatment was on average 8.5 points and increased to 12.36 points with a value of P=.011.

These eight patients showed erectile dysfunction at the time of IIEF assessment, this due to emergency urethral realignment arising from the trauma caused by pelvic fracture. Treatment with inhibitors of 5-phosphodiesterase (iPDE5) is the first-line treatment in patients with erectile dysfunction because it is efficient, non-invasive and well tolerated. In this study we found results indicating good response to this treatment in 7 out of the 8 patients (87.5%). Only one patient showed no improvement after treatment, due to the presence of risk factors such as age (65years), tobacco use, and high blood pressure.

The 87.5% of patients with urethral injury medicated with tadalafil were rehabilitated.

Revista internacional de andrologia. 2017 May 15 [Epub]

Alejandro Nieto-Esquivel, Rolando Delgado-Balderas, J Iván Robles-Torres, Lauro S Gómez-Guerra

Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario Dr. José Eleuterio González, Monterrey, México., Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario Dr. José Eleuterio González, Monterrey, México. Electronic address: .