Profile of sexuality and symptoms of lower urinary tract in non-institutionalized elderly.

Urinary or sexual dysfunction in the elderly are underreported. However, they are highly prevalent. This study aims to identify the prevalence of these conditions.

The aim is to carry out an investigation in non-institutionalized individuals over 60 years of age, to obtain data on its sexual and urinary health in São Paulo, Campinas, Santo André and Londrina.

6.000 questionnaires were distributed, and 3425 were included in the study, for the analysis of the questionnaires separately. In relation to ADAM, 92% of the 1385 evaluated were suspicious of androgen deficiency (ADAM). As for the male sexual function, it was observed 37% of premature ejaculation. As for the female sexual function, 1300 (74%) did not practice sexual intercourse and the main reasons were: lack of partner and lack of sexual desire. In addition, 988 (78%) of women who had no sexual intercourse responded that they didn't want sex and, more importantly, about 22% of them would like to have sexual intercourse. International prostate symptom score (IPSS) showed gradual worsening of urinary symptoms with increasing age, being the most prevalent: nocturia and urinary urgency. As for the female IPSS, we noted that even after 80 years, the majority have mild symptoms related to voiding dysfunction; with increasing age there is a gradual increase in the result of the IPSS.

Due to the large number of sexual and urinary disorders found, we recommend the improve-ment in health conditions, promoting a better quality of life in the elderly.

International braz j urol : official journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology. 0000 Jan [Epub]

Khaled Ahmed Taha, Flavio Trigo Rocha, Lisias Castilho

Hospital Augusto de Oliveira Camargo, Idaiatuba, SP, Brasil., Centro de Incontinência Urinária, Hospital Sirio Libanes, São Paulo, SP, Brasil., Faculdade de Medicina de Jundiai, Jundiai, SP, Brasil.