Laparoscopic extraperitoneal cystolithotomy (single-incision laparoscopic surgery): A sutureless, tubeless technique - Abstract

Three bladder calculi were removed from an 73-year-old adult male by laparoscopic extraperitoneal cystolithotomy (single-incision laparoscopic surgery), a sutureless and tubeless procedure.

Surgery was performed without difficulty. No problems of stone fragmentation, prostatic bleeding, or sepsis were encountered. The entire procedure lasted only a few minutes, thereby minimizing the patient's time under anesthesia. Laparoscopic extraperitoneal cystolithotomy is safe and easy to learn. It should be part of all urologists armamentarium against bladder calculi. Similar procedures have been reported in children for removal of calculi after bladder augmentation.

Richard D Levin

Submitted October 25, 2010 - Accepted for Publication November 7, 2010

KEYWORDS: Laparoscopic; Extraperitoneal; Cystolithotomy; Sutureless; Tubeless.

CORRESPONDENCE: Richard D. Levin, MD, Urodocs PA, 210-17 NE 34th place, Spinnaker Bay at the Waterways, Aventura, Fl 33180, USA ().

CITATION: Urotoday Int J. 2010 Dec;3(6).


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