Intraoperative frozen section in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: Impact on cancer control - Abstract

San Giovanni Hospital, Rome, Italy.

Intraoperative Frozen Section (IFS) with further tissue resection in case of positive margins has been proposed to decrease positive surgical margins rate during radical prostatectomy. There are a few reports on the benefits of this potential reduction of positive margins (PSM).

The aim of this study is to assess the oncological advantages of PSM rate reduction with the use of IFS and additional tissue excision in case of PSM.

270 patients undergoing laparoscopic radical prostatectomy were included in a prospective study, to evaluate the results of further tissue excision in case of PSM at IFS. Median age was 65 yrs. Median PSA was 7.0 ng/ml.

The prostate was extracted during the operation. IFS was performed in all patients on the prostate surface, at the base, the apex and along the postero-lateral aspect of the gland. In case of PSM additional tissue was excised from the site of the prostatic bed corresponding to the surgical margin.

Measurements: Endpoint was biochemical recurrence-free survival.

PSM were found in 67 patients (24.8%). With additional tissue resection, PSM rate dropped from 24.8% to 12.6%. Decreased PSM after further resection didn't improve biochemical-free survival. Patients with initial PSM at IFS rendered negative with further resection, had similar results if compared to patients with margins still positive, and worse results if compared to patients with negative margins (NSM). Biochemical recurrence rate was 2.95% at 58 months in 203 patients with NSM, 15.1% at 54 months in 33 patients with PSM at IFS that were rendered negative after further resection, and 11.7% at 67 months in 34 patients with still PSM after additional resection. These results were confirmed also according to: stage, nerve-sparing procedure, Gleason score.

Our data don't support IFS during radical prostatectomy to improve biochemical-free survival.

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Emiliozzi P, Amini M, Pansadoro A, Martini M, Pansadoro V.   Are you the author?

Reference: Arch Ital Urol Androl. 2010 Dec;82(4):164-9.

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PMID: 21341553 Prostate Cancer Section