Retrograde intrarenal surgery using the ILY robotic flexible ureteroscope: a single centre experience.

The ILY robotic flexible ureteroscope has been introduced in order to improve intraoperative ergonomics, reduce operator distance from radiation and shorten the learning curve. In this study we aimed to assess the clinical performance and feasibility of the ILY robot during retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) and combined endoscopic procedures (miniECIRS).

The RIRS procedures were performed using the ILY robotic arm in 57 adult patients (46 RIRS and 11 miniECIRS) from 2022 to 2023. All procedures were performed in the supine position. Pre-stenting was not the standard of care.

Turning on and calibration of the device took approximately 100 s. Average draping time was 93 s using original ILY drapes and 47 s using classic drapes designed for C-arm covering. Mean docking time was 73 s in procedures with ureteral access sheath (UAS) and 61 s in procedures without it. The undocking took less than 60 s in every case. Average procedure time was 63 min for RIRS and 55 min for miniECIRS. Endoscopically proven stone-free rate was achieved in 37 (80.4%) RIRS and 10 (90.9%) miniECIRS patients. A total of 17 (36.9%) RIRS and 8 (72.7%) miniECIRS procedures required conversion in order to perform basketing and stone fragments retrieval/transposition.

The use of ILY robot during endourological procedures is feasible and urologists that are familiar with the device controller do not require extensive training. The time needed for device draping, docking and undocking was approximately 4 minutes. Moreover, use of the robot resulted in satisfactory stone-free rates.

Central European journal of urology. 2024 Jan 22 [Epub]

Jan Łaszkiewicz, Wojciech Krajewski, Łukasz Nowak, Joanna Chorbińska, Francesco Del Giudice, Aleksandra Sójka, Małgorzata Mazur, Szymon Pisarski, Wojciech Tomczak, Bartosz Małkiewicz, Tomasz Szydełko

University Center of Excellence in Urology, Wrocław Medical University, Wrocław, Poland., Department of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Urology, University Center of Excellence in Urology Wrocław Medical University, Wrocław, Poland., Department of Urology, Policlinico Umberto I, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy.