AUA 2007 - Pediatrics: Surgery, Reconstruction, Diversion, Endourology, Transplantation

ANAHEIM, CA ( - Abstract 918 evaluated B7-H1 expression in Wilm’s Tumors and found that it is present in favorable histology but associated with an increased risk of recurrence. Abstract 919 continued on the topic of Wilm’s showing a 2% chance of ureteral extension and cystoscopy and retrograde may be useful. Abstract 920 concluded that pediatric Renal Cell Carcinoma tends to be symptomatic, but amenable to surgery and may actually represent a sub-category of translocation carcinoma. Abstract 921 demonstrated that in patients with neuroblastoma, early detection by ultrasound at a younger age and lower stage of disease compared to detection by clinical symptoms is associated with an improvement in prognosis. Abstract 922 showed tha pediatric pheochromocytoma in hereditary cancer syndromes such as Von Hippel landau may be successfully managed by partial adrenalectomy. Abstract 923 showed that both benign and malignant bladder tumors in children are rare. Urothelial tumors are unlikely to recur or progress.

Abstract 924 showed that accurate classification of race is important in predicting outcomes of testicular cancer because Pacific Islanders were 1.5 times more likely to get it than whites who in turn were 2 times more likely than blacks. Abstract 925 showed that after clitoral reduction, there was no growth of the clitoral body even with neurovascular preservation. However, Abstract 926 demonstrated that preservation of these bundles is imperative to sensory preservation. Abstract 927 continued on this theme and showed that vibratory sensation is preserved and thermal sensation altered. Abstract 928 stated that parents of patients undergoing genitoplasty need a tremendous amount of counseling. Abstract 929 showed that patients with feminizing genitoplasty had good familial and social relationships in the long term. Abstract 930 showed that symptomatic labial adhesions can be lysed in the office with topical creams and the recurrence is very low.

Abstract 931 determined that pediatric 24 hour urinary metabolite values for oxalate, citrate, and uric acid seem to decrease as healthy non-stone forming children age. It solidifies that age must be in the equation. Abstract 932 showed a significant difference in the urinary calcium levels between solitary and recurrent stone forming children. Abstract 934 showed that ureteroscopy is safe and effective with a greater than 90% stone free rate and has replaced other modalities in this groups practice. Abstract 935 continued on the ureteroscopic theme showing that it is great for renal pelvis stones, but not as good if the stone is staghorn. Abstract 936 stated that lower pole stones can be treated with ureteroscopy although it is technically challenging. Abstract 937 concluded the session showing that the “Chinese method” for PCNL is a good option for staghorn treatment with less blood transfusions. Full Conference Reports

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