3D laparoscopic salvage radical prostatectomy: mini-series report and review of the literature.

Salvage therapy represents a rescue therapy, given after the first line of treatment had failed.The purpose of this study was to review the outcomes of patients who underwent salvage laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (sLRP) in our department and to review current published studies.

Our mini-series consisted of 6 patients with recurrent prostate cancer(PCa) after non-surgical primary treatment. All interventions were performed by a single surgeon from the Oncological Institute "Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta" Cluj Napoca, Romania.A literature review was carried out in June 2020 using the PubMed and MEDLINE databases to identify relevant studies published in the literature between 2000 and 2020. Six papers were selected for our review.We reviewed the oncological and functional outcomes of patients that underwent sLRP.

Extraperitoneal sLRP was performed in 6 patients. Biochemical failure after primary treatment developed between one and five years. Mean operative time was 135.5 min, mean blood loss was 328 ml. No intraoperative complications occurred and no conversions to open surgery. R0 was achieved in 5 out of the 6 patients (83.5%). Out of the 6 patients 2 are incontinent.

SLRP remains an underused procedure and a missed therapeutic opportunity for selected patients. From published data and personal experience, we conclude that in experienced hands sLRP for localized prostate cancer is a feasible, safe and efficient method to treat recurrent PCa. Short-term oncological outcomes are optimistic but further studies need to be made to observe the long-term outcomes.

Journal of B.U.ON. : official journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology. 0000 Jan [Epub]

Horia Schitcu Vlad, Mira Florea Alexandru Marica Nucu Ioan Catalin Vlad Ion Cojocaru Munteanu Vlad Paul Kubelac Mihnea Bogdan Borz

The Oncology Institute "Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă", Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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