Comparison of Laparoendoscopic Single-Site and Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy for Male Patients with Bladder Cancer: Perioperative and Oncologic Outcomes.

Objective: To compare the surgical and early oncological outcomes in patients with bladder cancer who had laparoendoscopic single-site radical cystectomy (RC) or laparoscopic RC. Materials and Methods: From July 2012 to May 2019, 28 consecutive men suffering from bladder cancer underwent laparoendoscopic single-site RC or laparoscopic RC with extracorporeally ileal conduit diversion. Data regarding the patient characteristics, surgical outcomes, and short-term oncological outcomes were analyzed retrospectively. Results: Compared with laparoscopic RC, laparoendoscopic single-site RC was associated with less postoperative pain (mean, 4.67 versus 6.08 scores; P = .004), and shorter convalescence (time to ambulation, mean, 1.13 days versus 2.15 days; P = .000; hospital stay after surgery, mean, 13 days versus 19 days; P = .001). In addition, differences in patient characteristics, mean total operation time, and mean estimated blood loss were not statistically significant between laparoendoscopic single-site RC and laparoscopic RC groups. There was no difference in the early or late complication rate between the two groups as well. It is also revealed that there was no significant difference in the overall survival rate at 24 months between laparoendoscopic single-site RC and laparoscopic RC groups. Conclusions: Based on our initial experience with laparoendoscopic single-site RC, it is a safe procedure with acceptable complications and oncological outcomes. Notably, laparoendoscopic single-site RC is associated with less postoperative pain and rapider convalescence compared with the historical series of laparoscopic RC. However, further comparative studies with longer follow-up period are warranted to validate this procedure.

Journal of laparoendoscopic & advanced surgical techniques. Part A. 2020 Nov 13 [Epub ahead of print]

Chen Zhu, Wenren Zuo, Lin Yuan, Jian Su, Yang Zhang, Yunfei Wei, Luming Shen, Zhonglei Deng, Jingyuan Tang, Ninghong Wang, Yun Su, Qingyi Zhu

Department of Urology, Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China.

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