Robotic Assisted Proximal Perineal Urethroplasty: Improving Visualization and Ergonomics - Beyond the Abstract

Robotic-assisted surgery has revolutionized urologic surgery over the past 15 years. The benefits of ergonomics and visualization have resulted in a transition from open prostatectomy to robotic prostatectomy, with particular benefit for the vesicourethral anastomosis, which can be challenging to perform. Given the established benefits for performing an anastomosis in prostatectomy, it is natural to apply robotic technology towards another ergonomically challenging procedure: the perineal urethroplasty.  This innovative study demonstrates the feasibility of perineal urethroplasty using robotic assistance for suture placement, with operative times and outcomes that is equivalent to standard techniques. This study is a promising advance in surgical technique, and we look forward to furthering publications on robotics for urethral reconstruction.

Written by: Lee C. Zhao MD MS, Assistant Professor, Urologic Trauma, Reconstructive Surgery & Male Sexual Health, NYU Langone Urology Associates, New York, New York

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