Percutaneous and Endoscopic Management of Nephrolithiasis in a Patient with Five Native Ureters (Trifid Right and Bifid Left Collecting System)

Triplication of the ureter is a rare urologic finding that has been well described in the literature. Patients can present with urinary tract infections, incontinence, and calculi. We present the case of a patient with extensive stone burden with right trifid and left bifid collecting systems. Stone management was performed with a multimodal approach using a combination of endoscopic and percutaneous approaches. Our systematic and staged approach highlights a method for efficacious stone treatment in a complex endourologic case.

Journal of endourology case reports. 2018 Mar 01*** epublish ***

Neel H Patel, Mark J Ferretti, Jonathan B Bloom, Suraj Parikh, Michael Iorga, Nikil Uppaluri, David Schwalb, Majid Eshghi, Andrew Fishman

Department of Urology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York.