Risk Factors for Primary Failure of Metallic Ureteral Stents: Experience from a Tertiary Center - Beyond the Abstract

In this study, we performed a retrospective analysis to investigate the primary patency rate of the Resonance metallic ureteral stent, as well as potential risk factors for primary stent failure. This study consisted of 124 stents in 96 cancer patients, which is to date the largest cohort receiving this specific type of ureteral stent.

We found that the overall primary patency rate was 87.9%. In multivariate analysis, antegrade insertion and response to cancer treatment were associated with stent patency. There were marked differences with regards to crude patency rates, which was 74.1% vs. 98.6% for antegrade vs. retrograde stents, and 80.0% vs. 94.2% for progressive disease vs. responsive disease. 

Malignant ureteral obstruction by primary or metastatic tumor has been challenging to urologists. The efficacy and durability of conventional stents were generally poor in these patients. Various stents of different designs and materials have been invented to overcome this problem. However, only few studies provided information regarding primary patency, durability, and associating factors.

The clinical implication of this work is to provide our experience of this unique stent. We aimed to give an overview of the efficacy of metallic ureteral stent as a reference for future guidance of stent selection.

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Written by Po-Ming Chow, MD


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