COVID-19, Cancer, and Financial Toxicity.

When I first started this editorial in early March, I was writing from my usual coffee shop location, and the media was starting to focus on COVID-19. The incidence of the virus was increasing across the world, and the word "pandemic"-although debated passionately at the time-was beginning to gain traction. All signs pointed to a disruption; however, the scale of that change has exceeded what most of us could have imagined in early March. Now, millions of Americans and people around the world are in self-isolation, quarantine, or lockdown. There have been roughly 1.4 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 83,000 deaths worldwide at the time of this writing (Johns Hopkins University and Medicine, 2020). Like most, with the exception of essential personnel, I am at home wondering what is going to happen next and trying to find any positive outcome to this crisis.

Oncology nursing forum. 2020 May 01 [Epub]

Debra Lyon

University of Florida.