2019-ncov's epidemic in middle province of northern Italy: impact, logistic & strategy in the first line hospital.

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) began in China in early December 2019 and rapidly has spread to many countries around the globe, with the number of confirmed cases increasing every day. An epidemic has been recorded since February 20 in a middle province in Northern Italy (Lodi's province, in the low Po Valley). The first line Hospital had to redesign its logistical and departmental structure to respond to the influx of 2019-ncov positive patients who needed hospitalisation. Logistical and structural strategies were guided by the crisis unit, managing in 8 days from the beginning of the epidemic to prepare the hospital ready to welcome more than 200 positive COVID19 patients with different ventilatory requirements, keeping clean emergency access lines and restoring surgical interventions and deferred urgent ordinary activity.

Disaster medicine and public health preparedness. 2020 Mar 24 [Epub ahead of print]

Annalisa Gagliano, Pier Giorgio Villani, Francesca M Cò, Stefano Paglia, Pietro A G Bisagni, Gabriele M Perotti, Enrico Storti, Massimo Lombardo

ASST Lodi, Department of Surgery, Complex unit of General & Thoracic Surgery, Lodi, Italy., ASST Lodi, Department of Emergency & critical care unit of Anesthesia &resuscitation, Lodi, Italy., ASST Lodi, Department of Emergency & critical care unit of Emergency Department, Lodi, Italy., ASST Lodi, Chief medical Officer, Direction & Management, Lodi, Italy., ASST Lodi, General Director, Direction & Management, Lodi, Italy.

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