From the Desk of the Editor: Volume 4, Issue 4

Welcome to the final 2019 issue of Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights. On December 6, 2019, UroToday celebrated its sixteenth year online. In our continuous effort to provide both concise and clinically relevant updates in urologic oncology, UroToday has established itself as a trusted leader in expounding the importance of multidisciplinary care models, emphasizing perspectives on rapidly changing and relevant topics in urology and GU Oncology, highlighting selected and specific studies, while curating cutting edge educational videos and discussions from a multitude of symposia and congresses amongst leading experts, thereby providing the important contemporaneous updates in urologic Oncology, spotlighting the most recent advances in patient care.

In this special issue of Everyday Urology, we have included leading voices summarizing key takeaways from the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019) that occurred in Basel, Switzerland in August 2019. The APCCC meeting provides a biennial update on the current standard of advanced prostate cancer management and a discussion of global Key Opinion Leaders from all GU Oncology disciplines who debate and vote upon controversial questions that occur in daily clinical practice for which there is limited evidence-based data. In the following pages, we explore editor selected topics including the following areas: PSMA-based Imaging and Targeted Therapy in Prostate Cancer, the Efficacy of Comprehensive Nonpharmacologic Bone Health Management Strategies and Antiresorptive Treatment, First-line Systemic Therapy for Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer (mHSPC), Choosing First-line Treatment for Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer in the Context of Discussions at APCCC, and Monitoring and Managing Toxicities in Patients with mHSPC. This edition features a compilation of diverging points of view and areas of controversy that came out of the 2019 APCCC meeting.

In closing, we are honored to present another spotlight section highlighting the 2019 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference. The APCCC was initiated to provide a forum to discuss and debate contemporaneous and controversial questions on the clinical management of men with advanced prostate cancer, with a special focus on the unmet needs of both diagnosis and therapeutic management We hope this issue will educate and translate knowledge by summarizing current standards of advanced prostate cancer management brought to the podium at this meeting. We are honored to share the highlights from this remarkable meeting of international collaboration and collegiality.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Neal Shore, MD, FACS

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