SUFU 2021: Developing a Urinary Incontinence Screening Tool for the Use in Primary Care: Trials and Tribulations

( This study sought to determine the percentage of women with bothersome urinary incontinence (UI) who actually discussed their condition with their primary care provider (PCP). This study also investigated the feasibility of screening for UI in a primary care setting within a tertiary healthcare system.

A survey via Redcap was sent to all female patients (18+yrs), who had an upcoming appointment with a PCP within the same health system. Patients were asked if they were experiencing new or worsening bothersome UI. If patients replied “yes” (positive screen), they were invited to participate in the study and completed the Urinary Distress Inventory-6 and Incontinence Impact Questionnaire-7. PCPs were notified via email one week prior to the planned visit that their patient screened positive for bothersome UI. Twenty-four PCPs participated in the study. A total of 6,360 female patients were sent the survey, 709 (11.15%) responded. Nine clicked on the link but did not answer the initial question, 398 patients responded “no” to experiencing bothersome UI, 136 patients responded “yes” to experiencing bothersome UI but chose not to participate in the study, and 166 patients responded “yes” to experiencing bothersome UI and participated in the study.

Of the 166 patients who completed the survey, only 35 (21%) discussed UI with their PCP. It is not surprising that less than 25% discussed their condition with their provider. The authors felt that screening tools that also alert the provider through the electronic medical record may be a better means of encouraging discussion about UI.

Presented by: Falisha Kanji,1 Claire Burton, MD,2 Tara Cohen, PhD,1 Catherine Bresee, MS,1 Victoria Scott, MD,1 A. Lenore Ackerman, MD,1 Karyn Eilber, MD,1 Jennifer Anger, MD1

  1. Cedars Sinai Medical Center
  2. University of California Los Angeles

Written by: Diane K. Newman, DNP, CRNP, FAAN, BCB-PMD, Nurse Practioner and Co-Director, Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health Adjunct Professor of Urology in Surgery during the 2021 Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU) Winter Meeting