ASCO GU 2017: The association of androgen deprivation therapy and anxiety among 78,000 patients with localized prostate cancer patients. - Poster Session Highlights

Orlando, Florida USA ( A group from Boston, MA led by K Dinh reported on the association between androgen deprivation therapy and anxiety.

The authors examined SEER-Medicare records from 78,552 patients undergoing ADT, and found 43% reporting higher 3-year cumulative incidence of anxiety (4.1% vs. 3.3%). Propensity matching analysis showed 17% increase in the level of anxiety for patients on ADT. The risk of anxiety increased with duration of therapy, peaking at 15.7% in those treated for ≥12 mo. In addition, the result was consistent in subgroups according to race, prostate cancer risk group, Charleson comorbidity index, and treatment modality.

This is the first study examining the role of anxiety in patients placed on androgen deprivation therapy. As the longevity of metastatic prostate cancer patients increases, their quality of life certainly deserves attention. As this study clearly illustrates, androgen deprivation is not without its own perils.

First Author: Kathryn Dinh

at the 2017 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium - February 16 - 18, 2017 – Orlando, Florida USA