Editor's Note - Evan Yu Introduces Clinical Trials Portal

Oncology allows for a rare opportunity to connect deeply patients and families—from the outset of treatment, through the course of the disease, sometimes over several years.  Educating each patient and family about the disease and treatments are what I consider to be the most critical part of my job.  Part of that education is emphasizing not only the pros and cons and goals of each treatment, but also the importance of participating in the process of paving the path for the future for others afflicted with the disease. 
I explain how each and every therapeutic option was established by patients who were kind and generous enough to participate in previous clinical trials, with each patient obviously hoping to gain benefit but knowing that the entire process should strongly be driven by altruism, since the information gained from the study will help others in the future.  This is the key to facilitating active enrollment in clinical trials.  

But before we as health care providers and clinical researchers can work with our patients to accomplish this goal, we need a tool to help us identify appropriate trials specifically for our patients.  This tool must be up-to-date, easily accessible, and congruent with our goals. It is this shared vision that inspired UroToday’s new clinical trials portal - the first registry focused exclusively on GU malignancies and trials actively enrolling patients from our domain.  

Consistent with this vision, pertinent clinical trials will be added as they move into the recruitment phase and then deleted when no longer actively recruiting patients for the trial.  This portal enables you to select and search on the topic of interest, providing a result listing for you to be able to select specific trials to then view detailed trial information.  To view more trials, simply go back to the search results page and click to another result.

If you or your colleagues are involved in active, enrolling clinical trials, and you would like us to include that trial in our portal or if you have any comments towards improving this registry please provide information at: http://urotoday.com/contact-us.html.

I encourage you to sign up for UroToday: https://urotoday.com/sign-in-sign-up.html .  By opting into the Insights email you will have access to my future letters and new trials added to this portal.  This will be the way to actively keep up with the most exciting new trials in the field for your patients, identify the key features of the trial and rapidly find the study sites.

By: Evan Yu, MD. - Editor- in-Chief Clinical Trials UroToday.