CAUTI Definitions and Analysis

CAUTI Definition:

CAUTI Definition:

  • UTI that occurs in a patient who had an indwelling urethral urinary catheter in place within the 48-hour period before the onset of the UTI.

  • If the UTI develops in a patient within 48 hours of discharge from a location, indicate on the infection report the discharging location, not the current location of the patient (transfer rule)

  • In addition to CAUTIs, some facilities are required by their state to report healthcare-associated UTIs that areNOT associated with catheters.

  • These should NEVER be included in CAUTI data reported through NHSN.

  • Specific criteria will be reviewed later and more information on this issue provided.

CAUTI Rate: 

    • Number of CAUTIs identified* ÷ Number of Indwelling urinary catheter days × 1,000

*Stratified by location type

Device Utilization Ratio:

    • Number of indwelling catheter days ÷ Number of Patient days

Indwelling catheter use is necessary for CAUTI. Therefore, reducing your facility/location's catheter device utilization rate may lead to reduced CAUTI rates.


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
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