Management of a young female patient with Fournier's gangrene and Lemierre's syndrome - Abstract

Fournier's gangrene is an acute, rapidly progressive, and potentially fatal, infective necrotizing fasciitis affecting the external genitalia, perineal or perianal regions.

Lemierre's syndrome is a condition characterized by thrombophlebitis of the internal jugular vein and bacteremia caused by primarily anaerobic organisms, following a recent oropharyngeal infection. Although the literature about either of them is rich, there is no report about co-appearance of the two syndromes. We present the case of a young healthy female patient who suffered concomitantly from Fournier's gangrene and Lemierre's syndrome after minor surgery.

Written by:
Aslanidis T, Myrou A, Giannakou-Peftoulidou M.   Are you the author?
Intensive Care Unit, Department of Anesthesia and Intensive care, "A.H.E.P.A" University Hospital, 1 St. Thessaloniki, Greece.

Reference: Pan Afr Med J. 2014 Aug 4;18:275.
doi: 10.11604/pamj.2014.18.275.4602

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PMID: 25489369 Infections Section