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We've Come a Long Way, But...We Still Have a Way to Go - Diane Newman

(Length of lecture ~ 27 minutes)

Diane Newman provides her expert opinion of catheters, devices and products and the need for technological changes for patients with bladder disorders.  Although there have been advancements in some areas including intermittent catheters, external catheters, absorbent care products and external urethral barriers, other areas such product/device design and providing more options for external catheters for women still need work. It's also important to step back and look at prevention and how to educate girls and women on lower urinary tract symptoms across the lifespan.

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Diane K. Newman, DNP, FAAN, BCB-PMD, is Research Investigator Senior and Adjunct Associate Professor of Urology in Surgery, Perelman School of Medicine, Univeristy of Pennsuylvania. She is Co-Director of the Penn Center for Continence and Pelvic Health, Division of Urology, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in Philadelphia. Dr. Newman received a Doctor of Nursing Practice program from Thomas Jefferson University, a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from LaSalle University, and a Master of Science degree in nursing from the University of Pennsylvania, all in Philadelphia. She is certified as an adult nurse practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.