Outpatient Trans-Rectal MR-Guided Laser Focal Therapy Phase II Clinical Trial: 10-Year Interim Results - John Feller

April 27, 2020

John Feller presents at the Focal Therapy and Imaging in Prostate and Kidney Cancer Symposium, sharing interim 10-year results of the Phase II trial of Laser Focal Therapy for prostate cancer. This involves an outpatient trans-rectal laser therapy guided with an MRI imaging system. 95% of patients were biopsy compliant at 6 months and 94% avoided whole gland therapy and associated morbidity. The rate of metastasis among the patient group was 0.8%. In the presentation, Dr. Feller discusses the details of the patient demographics, as well as 6-month and 10-year biopsy results and outcomes of a mental health questionnaire.


John F. Feller, MD, Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist; Chief Medical Officer HALO Dx. Medical Director & Founder of Desert Medical Imaging; Chief of Radiology American Medical Center, Shanghai, China; leadership in the Focal Therapy Society. Dr. Feller’s undergraduate degree was in Metallurgical Engineering. At the HALO Dx Center of Innovation, his team’s focus is to transform Next Gen diagnostics and treatment capabilities that integrate whole-body imaging, artificial intelligence, genomics, focal therapy and immunotherapy. He has been invited to over 300 lectures on the subjects of orthopedic imaging, prostate cancer imaging, and whole-body MR imaging

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