Gold Nanoparticles Used in Photothermal Therapy for Prostate Tumors- Art Rastinehad

September 23, 2019

(Length of Interview: 14 min)

John Fortin interviews Art Rastinehad on a new publication published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science on prostate cancer and nanomedicine. Art Rastinehad and colleagues at Icahn Scool of Medicine at Mount Sinai are the first to perform human trials using nanoshell directed photothermal ablation. In this podcast interview, Dr. Rastinehad reports the initial results of this clinical trial in which laser-excited gold-silica nanoshells (GSNs) were used in combination with magnetic resonance-ultrasound fusion imaging to focally ablate low-intermediate-grade tumors within the prostate. The overall goal was to provide highly localized regional control of prostate cancer that also results in greatly reduced patient morbidity and improved functional outcomes.

Gold-silica nanoparticles designed to absorb near-infrared light at wavelengths of high tissue transparency provide a highly localized light-based strategy for the treatment of prostate cancer, with substantially reduced risks for deleterious treatment-related side effects.


Art R. Rastinehad D.O., Associate Professor of Urology and Radiology Director of Focal Therapy and Interventional Urologic Oncology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

John Fortin, Retired Healthcare Actuary, Fellow in the Society of Actuaries, patient-advocate and prostate cancer survivor.