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Role of MRI in Men on Active Surveillance - Laurence Klotz

(Length of Discussion: 33 min) Tom Keane hosts a discussion with Laurence Klotz on the use of MRI in the detection of significant cancer and the possibility of MRI replacing biopsies in men on active surveillance. Dr. Klotz poses the question, can MRI replace biopsies in men on active surveillance? Through an overview of clinical trial data on 12 different published studies around this hot topic i...

SpaceOAR® Hydrogel Application Video -Marcio Fagundes

SpaceOAR ® System Application with Dr. Fagundes (Full Procedure) (Length of video - 10 minutes) Dr. Marcio Fagundes, Medical Director and Vice Chair at Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida, presents the technique to inject SpaceOAR ® or hydrogel between the prostate and the rectum via a transfer needle approach. The full procedure is demonstrated starting with pre-application pre...

Discussion on the AQUARiUS and EXCAAPE studies- Thomas Keane

(Length of discussion ~ 13 minutes) Thomas Keane, MD reviews three state of the art presentations from the 2017 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) meeting. Dr. Keane highlights the AQUARiUS study presented by Antoine Thiery-Vuillemin who overviewed the initial results from this patient reported outcomes (PROs) study among men receiving either abiraterone + prednisone or enzalutamide. The...

Clinical Conversation: CHAARTED, LATITUDE and STAMPEDE

(Length of discussion ~ 27 minutes) Charles Ryan hosts a discussion with Alicia Morgans and Christopher Sweeney regarding data from the LATITUDE, STAMPEDE and CHAARTED trials, and the survivor endpoints for patients receiving initial androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for metastatic prostate cancer. Specifically, discussed is the interface of these three very important studies and the many treatme...

Over-treatment in the Name of Cure: Revisiting Adjuvant Therapy in the Modern Era? - Christopher Sweeney

(Length of discussion - 26 minutes) Christopher Sweeney, MD presents on the Over-treatment in the Name of Cure: Revisiting Adjuvant Therapy in the Modern Era? Dr. Sweeney addresses how we can cure more men from prostate cancer by taking a look at preventing relapse after definitive local therapy and radiation and hormonal therapy together vs radiation therapy alone. He reflects on the length of ti...

Is the Evidence Sufficient to Recommend Statins for All Men With Prostate Cancer?- Lorelei Mucci

(Length of lecture ~ 19 minutes) Alicia Morgans hosts a discussion with Lorelei Mucci on her recently-published article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology that reviews a study on the association between statin use and the mortality rate in Danish patients who have prostate cancer. This study leverages the unique data sets available in Scandinavian countries where nationwide health registers can b...

18F-Fluciclovine: A New Option for Biochemical Recurrence in Prostate Cancer - Trond V. Bogsrud

(Length of lecture ~ 15 minutes) Trond V. Bogsrud, MD presented "18F-Fluciclovine: A New Option for Biochemical Recurrence in Prostate Cancer” at the SNMMI 2016, detailing the uptake of fluciclovine (18F) as a PET imaging radiotracer in comparison to other PET tracers in patients with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer. Additional content on 18F - Fluciclovine Stepping Into the Light: "Radiol...

Prostate Cancer and Molecular Tracers: 11C/18F-Choline for Biochemical Recurrence - Laura Evangelista

(Length of lecture ~ 17 minutes) Laura Evangelista, MD PhD presented " Prostate Cancer and Molecular Tracers: 11C/18F-Choline for Biochemical Recurrence” at the SNMMI 2016, Dr. Evangelista details the best radiopharmaceutical agent: 11C/18F-Choline and the clinical role and ability to affect patient management and survival of prostate cancer. Additional content on Prostate Cancer and Molecular Tra...

Plasma Based Biomarkers in Advanced Prostate Cancer - Gerhardt Attard

(Length of Presentation: 16 min) Gerhardt Attard, MD focuses on DNA Plasma-based biomarkers in advanced prostate cancer during his 2017 APCCC presentation on the rationale for using plasma DNA. Plasma collection is routine and are adding to the registries allows for ongoing clinical trials. Circulating tumor DNA is detected in plasma from all progressing mCRPC patients. Plasma DNA is representativ...

APCCC 2017: Interview With Dr. Iain Frame

Read the 2017 APCCC Report on Management of Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer Access to all Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference Video Coverage

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