Prostate Cancer VL

Optimizing Care in Patients with High Risk Prostate Cancer - Interview with Edward Schaeffer

(Length of Discussion: 10 min) Edward (Ted) Schaeffer, MD, Ph.D. and Alicia Morgans, MD share a dynamic discussion on the risk strategy that may be employed for high-risk prostate cancer patients including oligometastatic disease. They share observations such as an increase in patient volume in their clinics of men with rising PSAs, high grade and locally advanced disease. In discussing the best w...

Use of Conservative Management for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer - Interview with Stacy Loeb

(Length of Discussion: 7 min) Stacy Loeb, MD, and Alicia Morgans, MD discuss conservative management, active surveillance, and management trends over time for low-risk prostate cancer in the Veterans Affairs Integrated Health Care System over the past decade. Biographies: Stacy Loeb, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Urology and Population Health at New York University (NYU), specializing in prosta...

Personalization of Therapy to Optimize Outcomes for Men with Prostate Cancer - Interview with Felix Feng

Felix Feng, MD talks with Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH on identifying subsets of patients with prostate cancer that are most responsive to certain therapies so the physician can better individualize treatment options for patients. Topics they discuss include predictive biomarkers, hormone therapy, early initiation of hormone therapy for patients treated with surgery up front. In addition, they also dis...

Geriatric Assessment of Men with Prostate Cancer - Alicia Morgans

(Length of Presentation: 16 min) Alicia Morgans, MD presents a Geriatric Assessment of Men with Prostate Cancer. She outlines the importance of geriatric considerations in prostate cancer and implementing it into the clinical management of patients. She details initial treatment decision making including staging the aging and estimation of remaining life expectancy. She also discusses consideratio...

Radical Prostatectomy for Patients with Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer - Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton, a Staff Urologic Oncologist from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada discusses radical prostatectomy for patients with oligometastatic prostate cancer. He overviews the clinical and biological rationale for radical prostatectomy in the oligometastases setting and highlights the role of novel imaging. He reviews four major PET tracers receiving a lot of attention: PS...

Discussion on Prostate Rectum Spacing in Radiation Therapy - Lawrence Karsh

(Length of Discussion: 15 min) Dr. Lawrence I. Karsh discusses SpaceOAR Hydrogel and it's use as a prostate-rectum spacer for treating prostate cancer with radiation therapy. He presents a study he took part in which aimed to evaluate the safety of the prostate-rectum spacer application technique as well as the following: the implant quality and resulting rectal dose reduction, acute and long term...

GayBiProstate Study: Expanding Quality of Life and Understanding Sexual Function Post Treatment - Bernard Lee

(Length of Discussion: 12 min) Dr. Bernard Lee shares the background and details of the GayBiProstate Study with Dr. Alicia Morgans. He explains the GayBiProstate study was developed for a patient population which is historically under studied when it comes to quality of life. The study focuses on sexual function of gay and bisexual patients ages 18-75 with a history of prostate cancer who have re...

Maelstrom: The Metabolic Syndrome in Men - Jeannette Potts

(Length of Discussion: 23 min) Dr. Jeannette Potts, a private practice physician specializing in holistic care for men suffering from chronic pelvic pain, presents the topic “Maelstrom”, and the metabolic syndrome in men. Dr. Potts speaks to the incidence of metabolic syndrome and its growth in the USA and abroad. Many unhealthy habits and abnormal health parameters are associated with MetS, which...

Seeking a Diagnosis with a Rising PSA - Jelle Barentsz

(Length of discussion - 9 minutes) Dr. Jelle Barentsz provides his perspective on treating a patient with a rising PSA and is seeking diagnosis options. During this discussion held at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2017 conference, he shares that he would not recommend a 12-core systematic biopsy because it is not targeted. 40% of patients with a trans-rectal ultrasound guided (T...

IRONMAN - A Better Understanding of the Variation in Care and Treatment - Daniel George

(Length of Discussion: 17 min) Daniel George, MD and Director of GU Oncology talks with Alicia Morgans, MD about the IRONMAN initiative. The intent of the project was to establish the International Registry to Improve Outcomes in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer (IRONMAN) as a prospective, international cohort of a minimum of 5,000 men with advanced cancer, including men with mHSPC and M0/M1 CRPC...

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