Prostate Cancer Genomic Classifier VL

A Systematic Review of the Decipher® Genomic Classifier in Prostate Cancer - Ashley Ross & Daniel Spratt

Ashley Ross is joined by Daniel Spratt presenting a European Association of Urology publication on A Systematic Review of the Evidence for the Decipher Genomic Classifier in Prostate Cancer . In a field of rapidly acquiring data, among the challenges that motivated this systematic review was the breadth of papers and data being published. Dr. Spratt and colleagues sought to acquire the most up-to-...

Validation of a Prognostic Genomic Classifier in Salvage Radiotherapy Prostate Cancer from a Prospective Randomized Trial - Felix Feng

Alicia Morgans is joined by Felix Feng to discuss his recent presentation on a new analysis from the Phase III RTOG 9601 trial. They discuss the application of using Decipher, a test based on gene expression profiles in primary tumors in prostate cancer, which adds significantly to identifying the men with the most aggressive disease. It drives the discussion to when we adopt genomic biomarkers in...

Data from the RTOG 9601 Study: Treating Prostate Cancer Patients with Low-Volume Disease - Daniel Spratt

At the 26th Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat (PCF 2019), Daniel Spratt joins Charles Ryan to discuss an update of the Shipley data (NEJM 2017) from the RTOG 9601 study. The question discussed is how should we be treating patients who have favorable, lower-volume disease? They also assess the antiandrogen therapy, bicalutamide, that was used in this study versus those available...
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