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Empowerment and Focus - Navigating a Terminal Prostate Cancer Diagnosis - Cameron Upton

Alicia Morgans is joined by Cameron Upton, a prostate cancer patient. Cameron shares his inspirational story about his battle with prostate cancer. He shares his wisdom from his journey. Biographies: Cameron Upton, Father of three young boys, business owner, and prostate cancer battler. Diagnosed in January of 2017 at age 43 with a Gleason 9 (4+5) Grade 5. Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH Genitourinary Med...

Prostate Cancer Patient Journey - Ken Ma

Ken Ma, diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2010 shares his treatment journey along with his disease progression over the last ten years. He shares his decision to follow an aggressive and proactive approach to his treatment regimen, what approaches he saw success in, and what approaches failed him. Further in his disease progression, Mr. Ma was found to have a pathogenic mutation. Mr. Ma share...

My Prostate Cancer Journey - Richard Lasus

Richard Lasus, a 14-year prostate cancer survivor, shares his story and the importance of considering all available treatment options. Biographies: Richard Lasus, Prostate Cancer Patient Related Content: Making Your Treatment Decision - Prostate Cancer Patient Interview with Andy Schwartz A Prostate Cancer Patient Journey, a Spouse's View - Becky McLain Read the Full Video Transcript

A Prostate Cancer Patient Journey - Joseph Samulenas

(Length of Interview: 3 min) Joseph Samulenas, a prostate cancer patient shares his journey through diagnoses, treatment decisions, and advice he would give himself as a newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient if he had the knowledge he has now. 1. How did you go about making your treatment decision? 2. Did you feel that you had an adequate understanding of all the pro and cons of each treatment t...

A Prostate Cancer Patient Journey - Mark McLain

(Length of Interview: 3 min) Mark McLain, a prostate cancer patient has been battling prostate cancer for the last five years. He shares his journey through diagnoses, treatment decisions, the resources he found useful and the importance of educating yourself as a prostate cancer patient. In this intimate interview, he shares how helpful it was for him to share his story with other men with the sa...
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