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Single-Use Disposable Cystoscopy - Roger Dmochowski, David Chaikin, & Vijay Goli

In this conversation, Roger Dmochowski, David Chaikin, & Vijay Goli discuss the United States (US) Federal Drug Administration (FDA) cleared single-use disposable UroViu cystoscopic platform and share their experience with the device as well as the economic implications for Urology and UroGynecology practices. If you are interested in a demo, you can reach the UroViu Corporation via their website:...

The OAB Clinical Care Pathway Mobile APP - Stephen Kraus

In this informational video presentation, Stephen Kraus provides an update on the SUFU overactive bladder (OAB) Clinical Care Pathway as a dissemination effort to broadcast the advantages of the pathway for both physicians and patients. This initiative offers a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to the management of overactive bladder focused for the healthcare provider. After trial and err...

GEMTESA® (vibegron) for the Treatment of Patients with Overactive Bladder FDA Approved - Scott A. MacDiarmid

Joining Diane Newman on UroToday's Bladder Health Center of Excellence is Scott MacDiarmid to discuss the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval of beta-3 agonist, GEMTESA® (vibegron), for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB). This approval marks the first new oral branded OAB medication approved by the FDA since 2012. Biographies: Scott A. MacDiarmid, MD is director of the...

Advancements in Pharmacological and Device-Based OAB Treatment Options - Eric Rovner

There are multiple treatments for overactive bladder (OAB): behavioral therapies, pharmacological therapies, and office-based therapies such as percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, a variety of surgeries, and sacral neuromodulation are currently being used. Joining Thomas Keane, MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS, to discuss the various advancements, both present and upcoming, in the field of overactive bladder...

Incontinence Options for Men and Women: Is It Safe? - Eric S. Rovner

In this presentation, Eric Rovner highlights the incontinence options for women and men, focusing primarily on mesh. Is mesh safe in men with stress incontinence? Is mesh safe for women? Why do some patients have complications with mesh? Are the surgeons to blame or is it the mesh itself? Dr. Rovner helps break down these questions in this LUGPA 2019 CME presentation. Biographies: Eric S. Rovner,...

A Contemporary Assessment of Nocturia - Mikel Gray

Mikel Gray presents the key elements to examine in the assessment of nocturia including sleep patterns, history of lower urinary tract symptoms, medication review, and any comorbid conditions. Mikel also describes the importance of a bladder log or voiding diary and other instruments that characterize storage/voiding/ post void LUTS in the assessment of nocturia. Biographies: Mikel Gray, Ph.D., PN...
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