ARAMIS Trial in Prostate Cancer: Impact of Darolutamide on Pain and Quality of Life - Karim Fizazi

Karim Fizazi and Alicia Morgans discuss a follow-up on the quality of life parameters evaluated in the ARAMIS trial. Darolutamide was also associated with benefits with regard to all secondary end points, including overall survival, time to pain progression, time to cytotoxic chemotherapy, and time to a symptomatic skeletal-related event. The incidence of adverse events that occurred or worsened d...

Abiraterone Acetate for nmCRPC, The Forgotten Dance Partner? - Zach Klaassen and Chris Wallis

Zach Klaassen and Chris Wallis discuss a jointly published paper that was published in Jama Oncology, November, titled, “Abiraterone Acetate for Nonmetastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, The Forgotten Dance Partner?” They reference recent trials in this space and discuss cost and other variables to consider when making a therapeutic decision. Biographies: Zachary Klaassen, MD, MSc, Urolo...

IMAAGEN Trial: A Look into the Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer Space - Charles Ryan

(Length of Discussion: 20 min) Alicia Morgans and Charles Ryan have a dialogue on the study design, results and conclusions from the IMAAGEN trial in the non-metastatic prostate cancer space. The IMAAGEN trial evaluated the use of abiraterone acetate (1,000 mg) plus prednisone (5 mg) in patients with high risk, nonmetastatic, castration resistant prostate cancer. Biographies: Charles J. Ryan, MD A...

Comparison Between Surgery and Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer- Christopher Wallis

(Length of Presentation: 8 minutes) Christopher Wallis presents observational data from a large, population-based matched cohort demonstrating an association between treatment with radiotherapy vs radical prostatectomy and non-prostate cancer mortality. This controversial topic in urologic oncology is a usual subject of interest with respect to comparative effectiveness studies. In observational s...

Phase III ARAMIS Trial Darolutamide in Patients with Non-metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer Meets Primary Endpoint - Tom Keane

(Length of video: 5 min) Tom Keane, MBBCh, FRCSI, FACS provides highlights of the recent press release of ARAMIS, a phase III trial of darolutamide in patients with non-metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer. Darolutamide significantly extended metastasis-free survival compared to placebo, meeting its primary endpoint. The safety profile and tolerability of darolutamide observed in the ARAM...

Combination Therapies and Quality of Life Data in Prostate Cancer - Fred Saad

Charles Ryan and Fred Saad discuss the data results in patients with mCRPC from a combined therapeutic approach with abiraterone and apalutamide. They discuss the rationale and theory behind these results. They move to discuss the quality of life analysis for patients with CRPC. A review of the SPARTAN trial and the optimistic results from his work. Biographies: Fred Saad MD FRCS is a full-time pr...

nmCRPC Patient Population - Discussion with Charles Ryan and Alicia Morgans

Charles Ryan and Alicia Morgans discuss the M0 patient population and what is the meaning of the term "nonmetastatic" prostate cancer. They highlight the relevance of meaningful dialogue that should be had with patients to assure the right treatment choice is made. Biographies: Charles J. Ryan, MD Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH

The PROSPER Trial: Chemotherapy-Related Endpoints in Patients with nmCRPC - Neal Shore

(Length of Presentation: 9 min) Neal Shore, MD, FACS shares his 2018 AUA presentation on the groundbreaking PROSPER trial: chemotherapy-related endpoints in patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treated with enzalutamide. Meeting an unmet need in this Index 1 patient population with a goal of delaying time to metastasis has the potential to delay cancer-related morbidity...

AUA Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Guidelines - Interview with Michael Cookson

(Length of Discussion: 10 min) Michael Cookson, MD, MMHC, talks with Alicia Morgans, MD on the newest developments in the AUA CRPC guidelines incorporating the results of the SPARTAN and PROSPER nmCRPC studies. The intent of this guideline amendment is to update current management of index patient 1: asymptomatic non-metastatic CRPC. Michael shares the need to revamp current guidelines which are s...

The Incredible Shrinking nmCRPC - Phillip Koo

(Length of Presentation: 12 min) Phillip Koo, MD presents the impact of advanced imaging in prostate cancer and his imaging strategy for the M0 CRPC patient. His discussion is shaped around the impact next-generation imaging has had on prostate cancer and M0 CRPC with the approvals of Axumin PET/CT, PSMA PET/CT, and Choline PET/CT, and improving the image quality compared to CT and Bone Scan. He d...

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