Managing the ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ of Various Therapies for Treating CRPC Patients - Is Timing Everything?- Karim Fizazi

(Length of lecture - 15 minutes)

Dr. Karim Fizazi discusses the 2015 APCCC, and the uncertainty during that period around the optimal timing to initiate treatment to men with CRPC. Two years later, Dr. Fizazi presents clinical trial data that has been gathered since then on different therapy options and shares his opinion on the recommended start and stop intervals for administering these therapies including AR axis targeting agents, taxanes, radium-223 and bone-targeting agents.

Dr. Karim Fizazi is a medical oncologist, Head of the Department of Cancer Medicine at the Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France and Professor in Oncology at the University of Paris. Dr. Fizazi received his medical degree in 1995 and completed a fellowship in 1997, both in medical oncology. He obtained a PhD in Molecular Oncology in 2003.  Dr. Fizazi has been involved in many Phase I, II and III clinical trials as a national or global coordinating investigator.

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