William Lowrance on AUA Guideline: Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer Update

May 19, 2015

AUA Guideline: Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer Update - 2015 Presentation providing the updates and the potential treatment impact on the defined index patient types.  

William Lowrance, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Division of Urology
University of Utah School of Medicine
Salt Lake City, UT

The original systematic review and meta-analysis of the published literature yielded 303 studies published from 1996 through 2013. This review informed the majority of the guideline statements. Clinical Principles and Expert Opinions were used for guideline statements lacking sufficient evidence. In April 2014, the CRPC guideline underwent amendment based on an additional literature search, which retrieved additional studies published between February 2013 and February 2014.

Thirty-seven studies from this search provided data relevant to the specific treatment modalities for CRPC. In March 2015, the CRPC guideline underwent a second amendment, which incorporated 10 additional studies into the evidence base published through February 2015.
Guideline statements based on six index patients developed to represent the most common scenarios encountered in clinical practice were amended appropriately. The additional literature provided the basis for an update of current supporting text as well as the incorporation of new guideline statements for multiple index patients.

Given the rapidly evolving nature of this field, this guideline should be used in conjunction with recent systematic literature reviews and an understanding of the individual patient's treatment goals. Patients' preferences and personal goals should be considered when choosing management strategies. This guideline will be continually updated as new literature emerges in the field.  The Journal of urology. 2015 Oct 20 [Epub ahead of print] Read the abstract 

William T Lowrance, Bruce J Roth, Erin Kirkby, Mohammad Hassan Murad, Michael S Cookson